Childbirth Classes and Cost

Mindful Birthing Classes:

The Mindful Birthing Course combines the teaching of traditional antenatal classes with mindfulness practice and the programme is currently offered on-line. Each class is 2 hours long and we will practice guided meditation such as sitting and walking meditation as well as mindful stretching/Yoga. You will learn about the normal physiology of labour with an emphasis on developing skills to work with pain. We will discuss positions in labour, pain relief, breast feeding and the baby cycle after bith as well as the neurological, biological, and emotional needs of the newborn. In addition to guided meditation during the classes there is an expectation that participants practice guided meditation at home for 15-20 minutes a day, 6 days a week in order to fully gain the benefit of the course. The classes build one on the other in a structured way so it is important to make best effort to attend the full course. No prior meditation experience is required. The course can be taken at any stage in pregnancy but it is suggested to start the class no later than the 30th week of pregnancy and bring the person who will be supporting you at birth.

Mindful Birthing Course:                                                 
Dates: January 16th, 23rd, 30th, February 13th, 20th, 27th (Saturdays)
Time: 10-12pm

Dates: April 17th, 24th, May 1st, 15th, 22nd, 29th (Saturdays)
Time: 10-12pm

Birth Preparation Workshops:

There are 3 Workshops in this series; each can be taken as stand alone or you may wish to attend 2 or all 3 workshops.
Cost: £ 25 per couple and maximum 6 couples per workshop. Booking required. Discussion, questions and addressing concerns are all welcome.
Venue: On-line through Zoom (it is not necessary to download zoom)

Workshop 1: Navigating the journey of labour and birth.
In this 2 hour workshop we will explore the journey of labour and birth; its different stages and phases, the physiology of labour and mechanism of labour. We will discuss onset of labour; when to go to hospital (if having a hospital birth), and learn skills to help baby birth naturally and exercises to encourage optimal fetal positioning (to prevent a 'back to back' labour) . We will also touch on instrumental delivery and c-section if time permits; and what may happen, myth busting and misconceptions.


Saturday 5th December 2020 10-12pm
Saturday 9th January 2021 10-12pm
Saturday 6th February 2021 10-12pm

Saturday 6th March 2021 10-12pm
Saturday 10th April 2021 10-12pm
Saturday 8th May 2021 10-12pm

Workshop 2: Pain relief, pain coping and breathing techniques.
In this workshop you will learn about the concept of pain and explore powerful and effective pain coping practice using the breath and similar techniques to help keep you focused and centred in labour. We will also explore natural pain coping techniques and standard pain relief offered in hospital. This session includes pain practice.

Sunday 6th December 2020 10-12pm
Sunday 7th February 2021 10-12pm
Sunday 7th March 2021 10-12pm
Sunday 11th April 2021 10-12pm
Sunday 9th May 2021 10-12pm

Workshop 3: Breast feeding and the neurological/biological needs of the newborn:
In this 2 hour workshop we will focus on breastfeeding; physiology of breast feeding; latching baby to the breast; how to recognise when baby is latched well to the breast; and how to recognise that baby is getting enough milk. We will also learn about newborn behaviour, and how to optimise brain development in the baby.


Saturday 12th December 2020 3-5pm
Sunday 7th February 2021 3-5pm
Sunday 7th March 2021 3-5pm
Sunday 11th April 2021 3-5pm
Sunday 9th May 2021 3-5pm

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One to One Session(s):

We also offer private 1-2-1 sessions for general support in childbirth preparation and tailored to your individual needs. 4 options are available and delivered as an interactive online format using Zoom. Date and time to be arranged on an individual basis.

Package 1:
2 hour session on labour and birth to include: Onset of labour/when to go to hospital (if having a hospital birth), the stages of labour (including the latent phase), physiology of labour/mechanism of labour, positions in labour to help baby birth naturally and pain relief. 

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Package 2:

2.5 hour session to include above labour discussion as well as pain practice which include breathing techniques and other pain coping strategies.
Cost: £ 75
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Package 3
x 2, 2 hour sessions (total 4 hours) to include: labour and birth (package 1), physiology of breast feeding and how to latch baby to the breast to avoid sore/cracked nipples and life with a new baby.
Cost: £100
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Package 4:
As package 3 plus pain practice which include breathing techniques and other pain coping strategies (total 4.5 hours) 
Cost: £120
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