How to Take Better Control of the Birthing Experience

How to Take Better Control of the Birthing Experience

Pregnancy is usually surrounded with thoughts of positivity and excitement. The act of labour however can have an entirely different mental effect on you. Many women are full of apprehension and fear, with a general sense of negativity around the labour experience. Learning to embrace labour and pregnancy can really change how you take control of the birthing process.

Take a look at some of our top tips:

Be Mindful

Having fears and anxieties around giving birth is natural. Make sure you don’t try and suppress these fears and instead deal with them head on. Try and discover why you’re having these fears and how you can take control of your negative thoughts in order to tackle them. Only through overcoming these strong emotions can you ensure a blissful birth.


Surround Yourself with Positivity

With images of women screaming through labour and begging for pain medication, it’s no surprise that most women don’t look forward to the experience. This is why it’s important to surround yourself with people that have gone through labour and found it to be a positive and enlightening process. Taking a proactive role with your birthing experience leads to an empowering and memorable birth.


Plan & Visualise

Envisioning a successful labour takes you part way to physically having a successful labour. The most powerful tool you have will be the ability to plan and visualise. A tight and tense body full of negative energy means you’re not relaxing fully which could make the birthing experience more difficult. Practice visualising the end of your pregnancy and you’ll soon begin to notice your anxiety and stress ebb away.


Body, Mind & Spirit

Meditation and yoga are one of the most effective ways to actively take control of your birthing experience. Meditation creates melatonin and endorphin's, two powerful hormones that specialise in reducing stress and relieving pain. With well trained and focused meditation you can take your mind away from any pain you may be experiencing and mentally alter the situation. This teamed up with yoga helps to relax your pelvis and build stamina, essential for a strong and positive labour.